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  1. slave boy julia

    BDSM has become more and more mainstream in many respects. Yet there seems to be little interest in portraying it realistically on the big or little screen. There are so many interesting, smart and diverse people in the scene and complex relationships that there is so much material for a fantastic story. There are people from all ages and all walks of life. There are many like me who are married and have children and standard, “mainstream” jobs, joys and problems. Then the people who live it 24/7 who ALSO have “mainstream” joys and problems just like the “normal” people. But i think the real draw to it would be the complexities of the relationships. People in the scene tend to be pretty up front about issues. There’s plenty of drama, sure. But there’s also deep passion, love and creativity. i don’t think it would need to be a “Hey look! They’re just like us!” type of movie. But i do think audiences would be surprised at how much they relate to.

    AND i believe it should be Femdom at the center of the story. The world EXPECTS men to be in charge. A movie should show the scene as it is – that there are male Doms and female Dommes. But at it’s center should be a female Domme.

    Ok ok. Yes i am a LITTLE biased!

    But yes, all the characters need to be portrayed realistically. i know Dommes where sweatpants and sneakers. They talk to friends. They have conversations with their mothers. They complain about traffic. They are people AND they’re kinky.

  2. princessmarx

    I totally agree with you re: what it should be about! Largely because the male dom theme is soooooooo tired…although a trite femdom theme could turn out equally boring if it falls into all the traps of too-archetypal femdom imagery. The characters (doms AND subs) must be complex, human – not caricatures (as they are in most shi*ty films). Then again, the above IS a porn that we were talking about… =D

  3. Mistress May Donme

    Well written interesting piece. Similar to my own views. Primarily I became a Dominatrix to keep us females on top and to keep men in check by exercising our control over them.

  4. Harry Durken

    Very nice essay. The best explanation of what you are and why I have ever read. I am considered an “alpha” male but of course you know it’s a facade. Early in my life I was was properly trained. My man pig nature led me to her mother, who used me as her training person. Eventually it was no longer sex for me, but only for her. That was many years ago. Even though I have never gone back to what I was before “she” enlightened me, I will admit only to a Professional I back slide. Many times women expect me to do certain things and behave a certain way, weaker women demand I dominate them, force things on them. This is counter to what I became and thus struggle with many women. When I do find that strong and all knowing women, I feel free to please her in any way she requires and wants to explore.

    Now after reading about you, and having to look in ward again, I feel compelled to reach out to you. Perhaps, I can finally be forced to face my all my fears regarding sexuality that socity engrains in us and you can remove them from me once and for all.


  5. admin

    Thanks, Harry. One important thing to note is that just because a Woman seeks to be dominated, or to be sexually submissive, it does not in the LEAST mean She is “weak.” Submission takes a great deal of strength – it is a feat to be comfortable in one’s vulnerability. This requires not only strength, but also trust – in oneself, and one’s partner. Do not take it lightly when a person gives that kind of trust to you.

    Of course, you may prefer to be the submissive, yourself, which is fine for you to assert – but don’t accuse others of being weak because they are not into the kink you’re into. Submissiveness must never be mistaken for weakness.

    You should reach out to Me via the ‘Schedule a Session’ page if you’d like to discuss in greater detail.


  6. petdj

    “But before I go, one more beef I can’t quite square: why is she riding on the BACK of that motorcycle? Shouldn’t she be driving it?”

    Why should She be a chauffeur? 😉