Protocol & Logistics

Princess Marx, Los Angeles San Francisco Boston New York City Dominatrix

Time is money.

  • I'm busy. I operate on quality, not volume. My sessions are bespoke. As a result, I am selective. My availability is a reflection of the preciousness of this dearest of resources: time. I make time only for the most polite & thoughtful of supplicants.
  • If you ask Me a question whose answer can easily be found on Google or My website, I will at best ignore it, and possibly block you. I consider all attempts to impinge on My time tantamount stealing.
  • Session logistics must be figured out within 4 emails. Your emails must be about specific logistics, short, and to the point.

You are entitled to nothing.

There's nothing worse in the world than an entitled male.

  • If there's anything you'd like to discuss in detail with me beyond basic session interests, limits, and logistics, you may send tribute for discussion.
  • You will respect my personal life. Texting, emailing, and the phone are for making and canceling appointments only. Do not expect to receive My attention because you have My email address or SMS number.
  • Tribute is a donation only. I will not guarantee any specific play, but will take your interests into consideration. Ultimately, do not forget that YOU are serving ME, not the other way around.
  • Want to really serve Me? Then ask yourself: what am I contributing to Princess's life that would make Her want to allow Me into Her life? What am I offering that's different from what other supplicants offer? Most likely, you are no different from literally everyone else who contacts Me. Make sure you distinguish yourself from internet wankers focused largely on their needs. The world needs zero more men focused, even partly, on what they want.


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In Los Angeles, please contact Me at least 48-72 hrs ahead of our play time.

If I am traveling, please make initial contact at least 2 weeks in advance.

I am generally available 12pm-9pm, and generally unavailable Friday & Saturday nights. I may be incentivized to accommodate other appointments with appropriate tribute.

Same-day meetings are not available. I am a busy Woman, and if you want to see Me, you need to get on My calendar.


Where will W/we session?

Princess Marx is based in Los Angeles, California.

Princess will choose a space based on its location, availability, and suitability for the session.

In Los Angeles, I have a multitude of dungeons at My disposal, each with its own unique atmosphere, image, and feel -- from luxe and upscale, to industrial and terrifying.


Where does Princess travel?

Princess Marx is based in Los Angeles, California. She travels regularly to Boston, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Washington DC, and occasionally to other places around the US and the world.

You can also find Princess at foot lovers' events around the country. Travel and events are announced on Her Calendar and social media.

If you would like for Princess to make a special trip to visit you (i.e.outside of trips She has planned independently), please reach out to Her.

Public Interaction

In public places, unless we have specifically agreed otherwise ahead of time, you will be discreet, wear appropriate, vanilla attire, and behave in accordance with proper vanilla etiquette.