I delight most in sessions that de-prioritize any needs of the male, unless those consist of discipline, foot worship, or some other activity that *directly serves Me.* 

My favorite submissives are respectful, generous, obedient, subservient, and appreciative. They put their own needs far, far behind Mine.

A deposit is required.

Tribute is discussed after you apply.


Submissives who prove themselves worthy may be allowed to get to know Me over tributed vanilla dates, whether that be shopping, coffee, dinner, drinks, a stroll in a museum, a movie night at home, or even a ball game (I am a Woman of many tastes).

Vanilla dates are especially useful if you're interested in serving Me as a lifestyle slave. Think of it as a chance to let Me know who ELSE you are. I evaluate you as a whole person when I consider you for personal service.

Whether you are fascinated by a lifestyle Dominant Woman, or you simply yearn to be in the presence of a cultured Cunt in quotidian contexts, a sophisticated, spirited, and tributed date could be your privilege.


The first time, we'll meet in a public setting and chat over coffee, food, or drinks. You might long for the Dominant girlfriend you never had, or you might just want to take Me shopping. (I happen to be a wicked stylist in the event your outward presentation is unfit for the presence of a Goddess - I've been known to give a makeover or ten).

You might have questions about healthy sexuality and kink, or you may wish to discuss the world with an Ivy League grad who's had a fulfilling career in the corporate and non-profit sectors. (After all, as Mark Vonnegut said, "being a good conversationalist is really what a liberal arts education is all about.")

Occasionally, I may also offer my company to select submissives at larger vanilla events. My upbringing, education, and civilian resume are exceptionally desirable. However, this is not an option I offer to 99.99% of people.

Whatever the case, as long as you can handle it, you can experience first-hand what it's like to be in the presence of a Goddess. The experience can be as intense or as low-key, as public or as private, as we agree on.


A chosen few may accompany Me to kinky events in Los Angeles and nationwide. Are you dying to be played with in front of others? Are you curious about the kinky lifestyle scene and all of its players? Do you wish to be used as the plaything of multiple Mistresses, watched by other submissives and Dommes?

Most importantly, do you wish to be seen serving a respected and admired member of the kinky community?


Read about a recent kinky party I attended with one of My subs here

If so, let's attend a kinky event together, whether a lifestyle or professional one. We'll negotiate tribute and play ahead of time, and can even add a vanilla dinner or drinks to the mix to get comfortable. Once you're under My control, you can relax and trust that you'll be used in just the way I like.

Most cities I visit offer a spectrum of events, ranging from the purely social to full-on play parties. They also range from lifestyle parties to pay-for-play parties, and may be attended either by a mix of D/s orientations, or may be exclusively for male bottoms and Female Tops.