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When I am not traveling, I am based permanently in LOS ANGELES.


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Visiting Mistress / Dominatrix Travel & Tour News (updated: 2/22/24)

As a touring Dominatrix, you can find updates about My Mistress travel schedule on this page. You’ll also see notices when I am visiting other dungeons and Mistresses around the country and world. If you are interested in an FMTY visit to your city, contact Me directly for details.


February 26 – March 3, 2024

To apply, please use the links provided in the email you received.

FEBRUARY Tour: Denver, Aspen, Salt Lake City (and more in March/April)

WINTER WESTERN “Hit the slopes, hit the slaves!” TOUR

As every winter, I am hitting the slopes, and hitting some slaves while I’m at it!

In each city, I will be joined by one or more of My studly Alphas, who may be available to polite supplicants for everything from light humiliation in public, to heavy play in private.

Here’s My complete schedule for the next few months:

  • Feb 2-11: COLORADO (DENVER, ASPEN, & other mountain towns)
  • Feb 20: LOS ANGELES “Slave to the Foot” party 
  • Feb 22-28: UTAH (SALT LAKE CITY + Snowbird/Alta area)
  • MARCH: JACKSON, WY (5 days)
  • Late MARCH/Early APRIL: PALM SPRINGS, CA (2 days)
  • APRIL: Canada – VANCOUVER/Whistler or CALGARY/Banff (5 days)
    BOSTON, NH/VT, NEW YORK CITY (10 days)

New clients: Apply here.

Established clients: Email to book now.

As always, My interests are authentic power exchange, bondage domination, corporal, foot domination, OTK/spanking, ballbusting, femme supremacy, and so, so many more.

Sensual domination is only available if/when I feel like it. Usually this means that you’ve done something extremely charming (as judged by Me) to inspire Me to be more charming, too.

All sessions require a deposit & politeness.


Thank you so much for choosing Me as your Miss Footnight International 2020!

Princess Marx with Steve Savage, Founder of Footnight International.

This January, I was honored to receive your support as Miss Footnight International 2020.

My deep gratitude and appreciation go out to My fans, and to the staff and organizers of Footnight International, without neither of whom any of this would have been possible!

I am privileged to join the ranks of such illustrious Dominatrixes as Isabella Sinclaire (2017), Snow Mercy (2016), and Natasha Sweet in accepting this award.

I look forward to, as Steve Savage (founder of Footnight) said, continuing to represent the organization in the best possible light. Look for a couple of special projects I’ll be embarking on!

Congratulations also to all the other winners & nominees, and thank you all so much again!

Honoring Stanley the Chihuahua, recently named official Footnight Mascot!
Ms Joclyn Stone crowning Princess Marx, 2020 Miss Footnight International,
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Kinky Coaching & BDSM Consultations Featured in The Guardian

As many of you know, I offer BDSM Coaching & Consulting services as part of My practice.

A few weeks ago, The Guardian’s Sofia Barrett-Ibarria interviewed Me for her piece on this very topic. The original article is below. Enjoy!

Why I ditched my therapist to hire a dominatrix instead

My dominatrix life coach isn’t afraid to hurt my feelings – she’s brutally honest and has no time for my excuses

I love therapy, but I didn’t love my therapist. She was young, like me, and new – the best I could find with my cheap insurance. I was her first real client, she was thrilled, I was broke and depressed.

Over the course of our six months together, we often sat through extended periods of silence, each of us desperately searching for something to say. Other times, I rambled about how pointless my life felt, the crushing guilt and fear of abandonment that follows me everywhere, and ill-timed thirst traps, just to fill the space. I did my best to entertain her with overshares and regrettable sex stories from my life as a sad yet charming bisexual, and for a while, that was fine, until I ran out of stories and we fell back into silence. I left our sessions feeling worse than I did when I arrived.

I quit therapy because I needed help from someone who knew what they were doing, and possibly even more importantly, who knew what I was doing, or what I should be doing. I didn’t want another therapist; I wanted someone to just tell me what to do, who could kick my ass and tell me to cut the bullshit. I wanted motivation, advice and accountability from a woman who spanks grown men for a living.

So I hired a dominatrix.

In addition to more typical services like fetish play, bondage and corporal punishment, some professional dominatrixes offer life coaching services that focus on confidence-building and improving self-esteem, though many also offer help with anything from fitness goals, dating and professional development.

“Many dommes offer some version of this service,” said the Los Angeles-based dominatrix Princess Marx, whose services include traditional fetish play as well as lifestyle coaching. “Men, women and everyone in between tend to come to me for one of two reasons: to gain new skills for BDSM play inside and outside the bedroom or dungeon, or to improve confidence in non-kinky aspects of life – to learn how to ‘make life their bitch,’ as I like to say.”

Princess Marx conducts sessions with clients all over the world either by phone, video chat, or in person.“I make an action plan with my client that outlines their goals, and we decide on a timeline. We also agree on a set of incentives and disincentives, or ‘rewards and punishments’. Punishments typically do not involve any physical pain, but can if the client prefers. We use whatever is going to be most effective.”

Life coaching of any kind isn’t a licensed profession, which means that coaches aren’t subject to the same requirements, regulations and ethical codes as licensed therapists. “Any coach worth their salt will know when a client’s concerns are beyond the scope of coaching, and would be better served by referring them to a therapist,” adds Princess Marx. “This is crucial, in my opinion.”

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Surprise NYC Visit Dec 9-13

This week I’m doing a surprise quickie New York City visit, and I’ve got less than a handful of slots left.

Dec 9 – Fully booked
Dec 10 – Fully booked, waitlist open
Dec 11 – Two slots
Dec 12 – One slot
Dec 13 – Fully booked, waitlist open

The timing of the open slots will be determined based on requests.

I take all requests into consideration and make a schedule that results in the greatest common good….as I see it.

How socialist of Me, eh? #PrincessMarxism

In addition to foot worship and classic Domination sessions, I’ll have SOME flexibility to do cash drops/draining/shopping sessions.

As always, My interests are authentic power exchange, bondage domination, corporal, foot domination, OTK/spanking, ballbusting, femme supremacy, and so, so many more.

Sensual domination is only available if/when I feel like it. Usually this means that you’ve done something extremely charming (as judged by Me) to inspire Me to be more charming, too.

Established clients: Email to book now.

New clients: Apply here.

Chi Temple Holiday Multi-Mistress Play Party

Come join the holiday festivities with the Mistresses of the Chi Temple & Friends to celebrate, socialize and play at our Xmas Play Party! There will be drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and of course, some debaucherous fun!

Mistresses of the Chi Temple

Damiana Chi ~ Jezebel Chi ~ Georgia Payne

Princess Marx ~ Inga Larsson ~ Bridget Wylde ~ Bettie Bondage

Special Guest Mistresses

Lucy Khan ~ An Li ~ Kiko Rope ~ Aine Patrick

Plus Xmas Elves Roxy & Penny

Saturday, December 14, 6-10PM

The Chi Temple, Arts District DTLA

Open only to subs & fans we’ve met before.

Maximum of 1.5 guests allowed per Mistress.

Wanna be My 0.5? Email Me at

Admission: $400 (pre-registered only), includes 4 play tickets, each worth 20 minutes of playtime (40 minutes max per Mistress).  Additional tickets may be purchased for $100 per ticket at the party. 

Play is optional.  You can socialize and enjoy the party, and choose to play as much or as little as you like, but if you are spending time with a Mistress, please tribute her with a play ticket even if you are not going to be playing.

You are responsible for presenting play tickets to the Mistresses to request playtime. ​

This special party is an intimate gathering of selected friends. A limited number of guests will be accepted.  Apply ASAP to register!

September: Washington DC + New York City

Announcing an East Coast mini-tour for September!

Washington DC Sept 5-7

New York City Sept 8-11

My primary interest is always real power exchange. 

To see a limited selection of My play style, visit My Onlyfans page.

* PRIORITY given to longer sessions.
* SCREENING: No one sees Me without being screened first. 
* DEPOSIT always required.
* BULLS/STUDS available in most cities, but only if we’ve played together before. Advance notice & additional tribute required.

Submit a screening form at if we haven’t met. 

You may email Me directly if we’ve played before. 

Bespoke BDSM experiences. Laughing mean streak. 

Six years of professional experience, and a lifetime of kinky exploration (feel free to ask Me in person or on Niteflirt – I love talking about it). An Ivy League education, Eastern European roots, and a wit to match.

I keep hearing feedback that I’m willing to push further than others. This especially keeps coming up with trampling. I will *always* play within your limits – just ask some of My lighter bottoms. But I’ll ask which are your hard limits, and which, your soft limits. Expect the latter to get pushed. 

And if you’re feeling shy or unsure, and My Onlyfans page hasn’t given you the answers you seek, give Me a call on Niteflirt, or email Me directly to arrange a call when it suits U/us.

I post new content on OnlyFans at least weekly.

I post new content on OnlyFans at least weekly.


Officially announcing My summer 2019 Tour!

Worthy slaves, fans, & submissives may apply to serve Me in these locations around the East Coast this summer:

HANOVER, NH June 14-16
BOSTON June 18-20
NEW YORK CITY June 21-25

Submit a screening form at if we haven’t met. You may email Me directly if we’ve played before. 

Turn yourself over to a lifetime’s worth of kinky exploration. Bespoke BDSM experiences with a laughing mean streak. Six years of professional experience, an Ivy League education, and Eastern European roots. My primary interest is always real power exchange.

CLASSIC DOMINATION: True, Deep Power Exchange, Bondage, Discipline, Corporal Punishment, Sissification, CBT, Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Stocking Worship, Trampling, Femme Supremacy, and so much more.

MODERN DOMINATION: Ballbusting, Cash Drops, Femme Supremacy, and all the rest.
* Priority given to longer sessions
SCREENING: No one sees Me without being screened first. 
* DEPOSIT always required.
BULLS/STUDS available in most cities, but only if we’ve played together before, with advance notice & additional tribute.
Additional Interests: OTK, whipping, caning, spanking; Cuckolding; Trampling; Foot Domination; Tributed Vanilla Outings

Session requests ONLY through

Winter 2019 Tour

The time has come once again.

I’ve been working like crazy to finalize My winter tour…Booking travel can be a pain, esp. with the precision that feels compulsive to Me, but it’s finally done!

First, I’m hitting up four cities in the Southwest (Oklahoma, Dallas, Phoenix, Flagstaff) in the next week/two.

Then, FINALLY doing a Pacific Northwest tour (Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, Portland) end of Feb/beg of March.

And of course, My hometown in the U.S., Boston, plus New York City, in late March (Northeast).

And YES, I’ll be skiing in each place! Therefore, limited availability, deposits required, etc.

(Several sessions already confirmed in multiple cities before I even officially announced. Get on My dance card if you want to see Me. And ONLY thru

Here be My dates (Based in Los Angeles whenever not traveling)

1/25-28 Oklahoma City, OK
1/28-30 Dallas, TX
1/30-2/3 Flagstaff + Phoenix, AZ
Then Los Angeles

2/22-25 Seattle, WA
2/25-26 Vancouver, BC
2/26-3/1 Whistler, BC
3/1-3/3 Portland, OR
Then Los Angeles

3/18-29 Boston, MA + New York City
Then Los Angeles