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Note: When I am not traveling, I am based permanently in LOS ANGELES.


LOS ANGELES (home base) Until Feb 21, 2019


SEATTLE Feb 21-25

BOSTON Late March


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Brand New Clip (NSFW): Ballbusting in Leather Riding Boots & Spandex Leggings

Warning folks: this post is NOT safe for work.

If you’re on My private newsletter list, you’ve already seen the special sneak preview of My newest ballbusting clip – My followers received an early-release preview last week. (If you’re not on the quarterly news list, you can sign up here.)

You can buy this Dominatrix clip exclusively from My iWantClips store, along with several other Princess Marx gems.

“In one of the first clips Princess Marx and Andrea Dipre ever filmed together, Princess Marx displays Her natural dominance, and Her RIGHT to all men’s testicles in Her tight spandex leggings and leather riding boots. There’s kicking from the front, kicking from the back, and kicking while he’s down. There’s ball smushing, ball stomping, and general ball destruction. At one point, Andrea whines that his balls are “two omelettes.” You can see that Andrea has learned to fall to the floor when he needs a break – wimp!! Princess Marx sees right through his manipulation and tells him She’s going to let him rest….But rest assured, She has Her own plans for him. Lookout for a surprise while Andrea is mid-sentence 😉 This is not a heavy verbal abuse clip – this is just Princess Marx, being just as She is in real life: having a good laugh at your expense, forever a weapon to your testicles.”

Andrea and I film all of our femdom ballbusting sessions in Los Angeles, and I’m working on quite a backlog to share with the world! Little by little, I’ll get them all out there. (Feel free to send tribute to encourage faster publishing.)

As of October 2018, I am not taking requests for custom videos, but I may decide to do so in the future.

Kicks & kisses!

~ Princess Marx


Summer 2018 Northeast Tour PLUS: a Special Guest!

Woohoo! It’s time for another Northeast tour!
I love visiting the Northeast because it’s the place that feels like home to Me in the U.S. I have so many dear friends up and down the East Coast, plus, the boys keep me pretty amused!
Here are the dates:

LOS ANGELES (home base) now until 7/20

BOSTON 7/20-21 


BOSTON 7/24-26 



NEW YORK CITY 7/29-8/2


LOS ANGELES (home base) Aug 4-Nov 8


My New York trip is particularly special because I’ll be joined for sessions by the imposing Goddess Madame Namio. Madame Namio is a powerful Caribbean-American Queen. Her Domination style, like Mine, centers on the reclamative justice of Femme Supremacy. (She’s also smarter than you, but that goes without saying.)

I expect you boys to be on your best behavior in our sessions, and show Madame Namio a good time. To demonstrate advance adoration and appreciation to Goddess Namio, you may send Her tribute or gifts through Her DeliveryCode wishlist.

Remember, a slave should always be both useful and entertaining.


The rules for ALL sessions, as you know:

  • Deposit always required
  • Priority: longer sessions, cash meets, foot worship, corporal, & ballbusting
  • Studs available ONLY if we’ve played before – advance notice required
  • Extension of trip possible with sponsorship
Email Me directly if we’ve played before.
Or, submit a screening form if we haven’t (no one sees Me without being screened first).
Kisses & Kicks,

This weekend: Bay Area + San Francisco May 3-6

Hello boys >:)

I’ll be gracing the Bay Area this weekend, May 3-6.
  • Fully booked May 6
  • Available in San Fran, the East Bay, & South Bay
  • Deposit required
  • Priority: longer sessions, cash meets, foot worship, corporal, & ballbusting
  • Studs available ONLY if we’ve played before – 3 days notice required
  • Extension of trip possible with sponsorship
Email Me directly if we’ve played before.
Or, submit a screening form to jump to the front of the line (no one sees Me without being screened first).


Kisses & Kicks,

iWantClips Store now live! | Princess Marx Dominatrix Clips Store

The wait is over! My iWantClips store has finally launched, with the exclusive “Filthy Lucre” Financial Domination clip, as well as several other hard-to-find Princess Marx femdom videos, including:

  • “Ballbusting SFO Loser Slave”
  • “Pelted with Eggs: Sissy Loser Feminization, Transformation, and Humiliation”
  • “Foot Fetish: Extreme Closeups of My Size 10 Feet”
  • “Eastern European Dominatrix Ripoff”

Buy them all below!



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I’m thrilled to be visiting the Bay Area and Colorado again this month!



These two cities are among My absolute favorite places in this country – San Francisco for its culture and people (and My friends there), and Colorado for its natural splendor.

My first sight of the Rockies is a memory I’ll reminisce on even on My deathbed. Years ago, when I first stepped foot in Colorado to ski Steamboat Springs, I purposely flew into Denver (rather than the easier option – flying directly into Steamboat) in order to drive through the Rockies. The views were so breathtaking that I nearly drove off the side of the road! It was 200% worth the 3 hour drive – I would’ve kicked Myself had I flown into Steamboat.

This time around, I’ll be on a skiing/chilling vacation in Colorado. I’m arriving and departing from Denver once again, and allowing a few lucky subs & slaves to bookend My time in their state.

The same rules apply as always:

  • Pre-book only. Deposit required.
  • Select clients only.
  • Priority given to longer sessions & cash meets; foot worship & ballbusting are a close second.
  • Studs available for existing clients only – additional notice & tribute


When not traveling, Princess Marx is based in Los Angeles.


THANK YOU!! Voted “2018 Most Photogenic Feet” by Footnight International Fans!!

That’s Me, in the back row, your far right (silver dress), towering over everyone!

WOW!!!! This year’s Footnight International Awards completely blew Me away!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY DARLING FANS!!!!!

Since 2013, I have been nominated for 17 different awards by Footnight fans, and have won 4 awards (all in the last 3 years). As a non-clip producer, I was deeply honored and surprised to receive this award – it’s typically gone to people who have deep catalogs of foot fetish clips. 

By contrast, I only have a few clips available directly through My store and through My Niteflirt page – there’s a huge audience of fans on clip sites who still haven’t seen My footfetish content.

This year, I will be launching an IWantClips store (in the coming weeks, actually!), and hopefully stores on a couple other platforms as well, so that you guys, My fans, can continue to nourish the flame of your love with My feet.

In addition to this awesome award, I was also awarded the 2018 Power Promoter Award – a recognition I am deeply touched by, as I know it comes with a sincere appreciation from the entire Footnight organization. Footnight was actually My first foray into the world of professional domination almost 10 years ago, in 2008, when Princess Kali still hosted it in Boston. I’d met Kali a few months before, and heard angels sing when she told Me about her life as a Pro Domme – the next Footnight party was My first chance to experience being pampered for pay, and boy, was I hooked! 

I share this year’s award with the inimitable Snow Mercy and Stella Liberty, both of whom we are all lucky enough to have right here in Los Angeles. If you haven’t yet sessioned with either of these fine ladies, what the heck are you waiting for?? Life’s too short!

Congratulations also to all of the other amazing Women who were both nominated and won awards this year – I am proud to say I call many of these fine ladies My friends.

So much love to all of My fans and supporters – this would not be possible without you.

Princess Marx

PS – I’d like to thank the academy, and of course My parents, without whom these catalog-perfect toes wouldn’t be possible. Both Mom & Dad have beautiful feet – something I’ve noticed since I was a child.

It’s My frikkin’ birthday!

Wooo! Celebrate!

In the last few years, I haven’t really made a big fuss around My birthday (I know, so unlike what you’d expect from a Dominatrix) – it tends to come before and after a lot of other holidays, and it just seems like too much to worry about.

But that doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating February 7th, the day the Earth was blessed with My existence! 

Here’s a link to My wishlist so that you may thank the Gods of capitalism (and My parents, indirectly through Me) that you’re allowed to know of Me:

All that being said, I do live a pretty fabulous life year-round, so I don’t really feel like I’m missing out (nor do I feel that weird capitalist urge to outdo oneself on this one day – too reminiscent of keeping up with the Joneses). AND, I typically schedule some sort of birthday celebration in March/April, when things have calmed down a bit. 

Already the flowers, sweet tweets, and other social media posts have started pouring in. And, needless to say, my slaves and submissives have been diligently marking the day before it even started, with one barely able to contain himself before the clock passed 11:59pm on Feb. 6th.

Today, I’ll probably treat Myself to a full-body seaweed wrap treatment at the Korean Spa – it was the very first luxurious spa thing I did for My birthday years ago, and it’s become a beloved tradition. On My birthday, I choose self care.

Thank you all in advance for your well wishes and gifts!

~ Princess