Winter 2019 Tour

The time has come once again.

I’ve been working like crazy to finalize My winter tour…Booking travel can be a pain, esp. with the precision that feels compulsive to Me, but it’s finally done!

First, I’m hitting up four cities in the Southwest (Oklahoma, Dallas, Phoenix, Flagstaff) in the next week/two.

Then, FINALLY doing a Pacific Northwest tour (Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, Portland) end of Feb/beg of March.

And of course, My hometown in the U.S., Boston, plus New York City, in late March (Northeast).

And YES, I’ll be skiing in each place! Therefore, limited availability, deposits required, etc.

(Several sessions already confirmed in multiple cities before I even officially announced. Get on My dance card if you want to see Me. And ONLY thru

Here be My dates (Based in Los Angeles whenever not traveling)

1/25-28 Oklahoma City, OK
1/28-30 Dallas, TX
1/30-2/3 Flagstaff + Phoenix, AZ
Then Los Angeles

2/22-25 Seattle, WA
2/25-26 Vancouver, BC
2/26-3/1 Whistler, BC
3/1-3/3 Portland, OR
Then Los Angeles

3/18-29 Boston, MA + New York City
Then Los Angeles