Surprise NYC Visit Dec 9-13

This week I’m doing a surprise quickie New York City visit, and I’ve got less than a handful of slots left.

Dec 9 – Fully booked
Dec 10 – Fully booked, waitlist open
Dec 11 – Two slots
Dec 12 – One slot
Dec 13 – Fully booked, waitlist open

The timing of the open slots will be determined based on requests.

I take all requests into consideration and make a schedule that results in the greatest common good….as I see it.

How socialist of Me, eh? #PrincessMarxism

In addition to foot worship and classic Domination sessions, I’ll have SOME flexibility to do cash drops/draining/shopping sessions.

As always, My interests are authentic power exchange, bondage domination, corporal, foot domination, OTK/spanking, ballbusting, femme supremacy, and so, so many more.

Sensual domination is only available if/when I feel like it. Usually this means that you’ve done something extremely charming (as judged by Me) to inspire Me to be more charming, too.

Established clients: Email to book now.

New clients: Apply here.