The Session Chronicles, Chapter 1: On beating up [hetero cis] boys

Another Footnight, another bundle of fond memories. I had a guy tonight who just let me jump up and down on him (trampling) and beat the shit out of him.


And I fucking LOVED IT.


I also kneed him in the balls a bunch….a BUNCH.


So I wondered, why did I enjoy it so much? Why do I love beating up boys so much?

Technically, I’ve always been treated pretty well by men – at least insofar as the average person would perceive.  Of course, if you’re a critical thinker, you could easily argue that even such nice treatment – for example, chivalry – is actually misogynist. And there are countless other examples, and I would agree with most of them. 


But on the whole, as far as the average eye can see, I’ve had it pretty good. (And again, I’d argue otherwise if thinking critically – and sometimes not even that critically.) 

So given that, why DO I love beating up boys so much?

After some thinking, I could really only conclude that this domme-ness of mine is a result of millions of years of pent up….oppression. Not repression, folks. I’ve been treated well. (Though it’s still a cage, in spite of being golden.)


As many of you know, I’m political down to every pore, maybe even every molecule. And so naturally…it makes sense that I would derive pleasure from beating the shit out of the perpetrators of misogyny. In some warped, distant way, I am making these boys, these imbeciles, pay for eons and eons of their forebears’ wrongdoing.


And since vigilantism produces in me the same kind of sex/aggression randiness that others claim to feel in times of war…of COURSE I relish every fucking second of beating the shit out of the perpetrators of violence.


The irony, of course, is that most of the subs I get to beat up are actually super nice dudes, especially relative to the average man – I mean, all they wanna do is tell Us Womyn (yeah, i wrote it) that we’re superior, and please Us. 


But even those submissive men are still subject to their critically un-deconstructed views. They prize things like youth, beauty, and all the other petty shit that gets cocks hard and makes stomachs flutter. (I say this as a member of the privileged attractive *and* young class – and yes, I have always found it problematic.) Too frequently, men allow these petty characteristics to influence their judgment, rendering themselves the inferior-most of the many genders. Good intentions – but poor execution. (And we all know the road to hell is paved with…..) Most men have not yet begun the difficult labor of truly deconstructing their sexualities.


In any event, tonight’s slave was a little on the drunk side, so for safety reasons, I took it a LITTLE easy on him. (When they’re drunk, people 1) make bad decisions and 2) are numbed.) And if you play in this space, you know safety is paramount. I’ve got a private ambulance on speed-dial, but really, I’d like to just go home tonight and go to bed.


But damn, I can’t WAIT for that private session.