Officially Launching My Signature Flower: The Dominatrix Jack-in-the-Pulpit!


This beautiful plant from the Arisaema species comes to us from Japan – of course!

The flower emerges from the main stalk with a purple pitcher. The top cover narrows to a point that hangs over the front of the pitcher, and from inside emerges a purple, whip-like tail extending upward to nearly 18″…a true dominatrix moment! (

As with many great things in My life, it was My primary sub Pet DJ who originally came across Arisaema thunbergii (subsp. urashima). W/we both immediately knew this had to become My signature flower!

And now, without further ado, I give you the Dominatrix Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

Princess Marx Signature Flower: A "Dominatrix Jack-in-the-Pulpit"