Nov 19: OWK-Style Mistress Slave Dinner + Play Party



Saturday, November 19th


The Chi Temple, Arts District DTLA

If you’ve ever wanted to sign your life away to slavery, even if just for a night, read on….

The inside of the luxurious Chi Temple will hold an evening of decadence and hedonism in a real-life FemDom setting.

Dinner, drinks, and debauchery are all on the menu. The Mistresses will wine and dine while slaves are used as food and drink servers, human furniture, dinner center-pieces, and foot stools…appropriately displayed for all to see. Imagine being strung up and used as human decor, tied up and neglected in the cage, or tied to the cross for punishment…all for the Mistresses to delight in your humiliation! Once you crawl through the dungeon doors, you will become Our property and be put in your proper place as a true slave for the night…anything goes!

To attend, you MUST contact Princess Marx directly with PLENTY of notice.

Should you be a straggler and want to apply the day before, please email Head Mistress Damiana Chi directly.

Special Guest Mistresses:

Princess Marx

Josephine Drake

Host Mistresses:

Damiana Chi & Jezebel Chi

Admission: $400 (pre-registered guests only)

NOTE: This Spanksgiving event will include dinner and drinks for the Mistresses only to create a more real-life FemDom experience.  There will be lots of play in an intimate setting.  A limited number of guests will be accepted due to intimate nature of this party, so RSVP ASAP!

Don’t know about the OWK (Other World Kingdom) femdom micronation? Learn some.



“I had an amazing evening. Your party was the classiest BDSM event I’ve ever been to. All the ladies were beautiful, friendly, and very knowledgable. The opportunity to both socialize and play with quality Dommes in a nice atmosphere was invaluable to me.”
~Rob from Boston

Posts on maxfisch discussion forum

“I also attended the party on Friday and I had an awesome experience. All the attending Dommes were very classy and sexy and very skilled. Whatever your fetish or desire may be, it will be fulfilled at this event. The place is awesome. There were private areas for those of us that are a little shy. I will go back again and again. This is the best Femdom event going.”
~ ocpainpuppy

“It was definitely one of the best play parties that i’ve attended. Most of the attendees were active playing throughout the night, so the mini-sessions seemed very private. Mistress Damiana did an excellent job hosting the event and made sure everyone was involved and got to play with the Mistresses they desired. The Mistresses i played with were awesome and left me wishing i had hours and hours with each! To be tortured by Beautiful and Sadistic women in one night is a rare opportunity…i’d highly recommend attending this!”
~ birdman

Thank you letters

Hi Damiana, I had an amazing evening.  Your party was the classiest BDSM event I’ve ever been to.  All the ladies were beautiful, friendly, and very knowledgable.  The opportunity to both socialize and play with quality Dommes in a nice atmosphere was invaluable to me. 

Thanks, Rob from Boston

Damiana, The caliber of women at this party was beyond any other play party I’ve ever been to. It was very special.

(A recent party guest)

Mistress Damiana, Thank You for a great time last night! Your party is definitely one of the best play parties that i’ve attended. i’ll be the first to admit that i’m shallow when it comes to selecting Mistresses to play with – yes, hot & sadistic is a must! And Your party was about the only play party that i remember where there weren’t Mistresses that i felt like running from…i definitely don’t remember seeing that many Beautiful & talented Mistresses at one party. And i’m pretty sure You are the hottest Mistress out there! Thank You again! 

humbly, worm

Mistress Damiana, Thank You for a wonderful play party and i beg You to hold many more. i will attend all Your parties as long as i am able to work them into my travel schedule. Living in Las Vegas has its inconveniences such as travel to LA however  i can always attend Friday evening parties and will do so. 

Thank You, legslave

Hi Damiana, i had a great time tonight. All I can say is Classy,Elegant, Erotic, Upscale……………. Can’t wait to the next event! Thank you Mistress Damiana! 

ocpainpuppy (ken)