Now officially listed with Dungeon West!

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For quite some time now, I’ve been taking sessions at the amazing space at Dungeon West. This month, I am honored to officially become listed as a Domina on their site!

What I love about Dungeon West is that you get the entire dungeon *to yourself* when you rent. There are several smaller spaces in LA where this is the case, but, they’re on the smaller side; and there are several “houses” where you rent just one room at a time. At DW, I get something the size of a bigger, multi-room dungeon, all to Myself – as if I were playing in one of the smaller spaces. To Me, that’s worth the drive from the West side! That, and it’s immaculately maintained and has all the features I need for My sessions: a bondage bed with a cage, a cross, a bed, and most importantly, an easy to operate winch with *lots* of vertical space – for all those delightful and dreadful and wonderfully unanticipated things you can do with a winch. 😉 And a wink. 😉

For more details, check out, and apply for a session here.

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