A rave review from a happy [ballbusting] customer

Vegas was most fun, and there were, for some reason (hahahaha), a LOT of ballbusting sessions. =D Here’s a review from one happy customer – and a picture of My foot just about to make contact with his balls =D

Dear Princess Marx, Thank you for the wonderful time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I enjoyed so much about you.  I am a little sore and there is a some swelling and bruising which of course I like.   I am somewhat disappointed in myself for not taking more and especially for not taking you up on your clothes pin offer. I must not have been thinking clearly on that one.  I am very glad that I came to see you, and you for seeing me, the main point would be I WANT MORE!!!!      Sooo come back soon!!!!!          bottoms up   – D

Trust Me, you don't wanna be this guy.
Bet you wish you were him, dontcha?