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I’m on a slow mission to actually post all My testimonials. Here’s a random smattering.

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Princess Marx Los Angeles Boston Dominatrix Mistress Review
“Had a blast meeting you, Princess Marx.  Going in, I thought your natural beauty, smarts and bratty audacity would make for a terrific session.  I was spot on. I’m usually pretty cheeky even when being Dommed but you smacked that habit right out, and with vigor.  From there, I was equal parts afraid and captivated.  It was a fuller experience of subjugation. Bracketing off your gorgeousness, the intellectual firepower you gracefully displayed put me over-the-moon.  You picked up on which buttons to push with ease, producing maximum results. In sum, your wordsmithing, intuitive, no-nonsense approach was exactly what I hoped for, and as good as I’ve ever encountered.  And you’re a smokeshow, to boot! Hope to see you again, as early as the NH Primaries, no doubt. Thanks again.” (MM, Boston, Dec. 2015)

“I’ve been seeing professional dommes for the past couple of years.  Usually, I see a domme once or twice and move on –it’s not that the experience was bad (on the contrary, often enough); it’s that …well, a lot of the time the domme is phoning it in, and even when she’s not, there’s not the feeling that you’ve actually exchanged power. I’ve seen Princess Marx three times now; I’ll continue to see her whenever she comes to visit the city I’m in.  She’s definitely not phoning it in; not only is she in charge, she’s completely in the moment, at times frighteningly so.  (The last time I watched her eyes as she kept whipping the clamps she’d put on my chest.  She was exhilarated; it was…well, it was wonderful.)  Every time I’ve seen her she’s done something that pushed my boundaries, something that surprised me, that both distressed and delighted me.  On top of this, she’s a pretty awesome person. Thanks, Princess.” (MR, Boston, July 2015)

“I was tired of going the usual route and wanted to experience something different. I was intrigued by this sadistic Bitch Fatale and wanted to know more, so after a few exchanged emails, found that she totally catered to my fetish.

Princess Marx is a very stunning looking lady and will be quick to let you know to address her as Princess, not Mistress or Goddess or anything else other than what she goes by and if you fail to acknowledge or forget, then painful outcomes are for sure and she does not take that lightly. She is an intelligent lady and knows what she is doing.

Setting up the appointment was easy and Princess Marx does work with time constraints and schedules. For certain reason she does not show her face and I was apprehensive,  but I can assure you that she is absolutely beautiful. Although I arrived late, she was both understanding and professional in nature. Her style can be soft or very cruel in nature and she is exceptionally deviant and does allow reward.

If you have a foot fetish, rest assured that this will be your last stop in your search.  She has beautiful arches and is really well groomed from top to bottom.  She naturally loves to inflict pain and humiliate. Sooner than later I found myself being ball busted – one of her favorite activities. She is creative using both feet and hands to inflict pain and is very intuitive knowing your threshold. I also found myself as a her spit receptacle and she not only got in my mouth but all over my face – most  humiliating and degrading experience. She is very adept in bondage and found my balls tied up  and walked me around tugging on my nuts and knew how much tension to apply, followed by strict caning.

Towards the end, Princess Marx directed me to worship her feet. She loves to have her feet pampered and kissed on. She was very demanding and aggressive and for the most part, had her foot shoved down my mouth and I  began to gag on it. I sucked on her nylon clad feet and found myself strongly aroused under her sweaty stockings, as her natural fragrance was most intoxicating.

A most memorable experience that Princess Marx allowed me the opportunity to serve her and I would definitely repeat.” (RF, Los Angeles, Feb. 2014)

“WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! I am finding a very hard time putting into words the wonderful feelings and sensations I felt yesterday. I am still on a high from our session. Never before have I been so thoroughly dominated from start to finish. I also have never had it done by such a top notice gorgeous woman such as Yourself. Perfect feet, amazing legs, long pretty eyelashes, seductive eyes, a 10 out of 10 without question. Everything I have been looking for in a Dom, and a woman in general, I got yesterday. To say I am appreciative and thankful would be an understatement.

Thank You for actually doing what You said You were going to do! My balls were sore on the hour long drive home that I frequently found myself fidgeting and repositioning my legs to help ease the soreness and to find a little bit of comfort. To no avail, however, as the pain was as real as Your beauty. I have been playing back the images of You swinging Your leg back to kick me full force directly in the balls. To have such an image and to remember the pain it inflicted, is truly a privilege that I am relishing.” (SH, Los Angeles, July 2014)

Your saliva was dripping from my face as I went through the toll booth. It had dripped through my eyebrows and eyelashes, flowing into my eyes. I wore it with pride and it all dried in place as you applied it.Your champagne is within me as I write and all your electrolytes and hormones will be delivered throughout my body. You will be inside me for days. Thank you Ma’am, er Princess. (MJ, San Diego, May 2014)

The studs and bulls might have stretched me to new extremes and I hope a few Boston boys will avail themselves of your talent in guiding boys to learn new, and proper skills. (NW, Boston, Dec 2014)

(Ballbusting session): Thank you for the wonderful time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I enjoyed so much about you. I am a little sore and there is a some swelling and bruising which of course I like. I am somewhat disappointed in myself for not taking more and especially for not taking you up on your clothespin offer. I must not have been thinking clearly on that one. I am very glad that I came to see you, and you for seeing me, the main point would be I WANT MORE!!!! Sooo come back soon!!!!! bottoms up! (DW, Las Vegas, June 2014)

Although I’m not in LA, I was lucky enough to meet Princess Marx during her visit to the Bay Area. Her facial features were just perfect if you have any concerns (as she never shows her face in pictures). And her body was AT LEAST AS PERFECT, especially her size 10 feet. I felt like I was half in heaven and half in hell when under them! I’m not a hardcore sub and we had a pretty light session, nut both of us enjoyed it a lot. I still remember her excited face when torturing my balls. She is really into it and I believe she could have done more if I could have tolerated it! (ee, San Francisco, April 2016)

Politics are a scam. The beautiful Princess Marx is my ONLY ruler. (CS, Chicago, Jan 2015)

12/6/14: You always know how to bring me to my knees but at the same time make me feel like I am on top of the world! (CL, Los Angeles)

12/5/14: I’m still thinking about how hot it was – might take a while to get the memory out of my head πŸ˜‰ (BM, Los Angeles)

12/3/14: I had a blast. My favorite part was how much you seemed to be enjoying yourself too. Oh and the next time a gf goes down on me I will have that much more appreciation for her what she’s going through lol. (SS, Boston)

11/21/14: Thank you once more for the session and just wanted to say how thankful I am that I have met you. I just wanted to let you know you are a wonderful, caring person. Made me feel very safe and wanting to take things to another level.  I certainly hope that you will be visiting more often… from now on I will not waste money on others. I will only see you. I can’t describe the feeling how you made me feel. I am the luckiest guy today I have found YOU. (MD, Tampa)

11/15/14: Wow!!! It’s like I’m still floating on a cloud from last night. That was so incredible and it was such a pleasure meeting you. (B, Los Angeles)

11/3/14:  You’re absolutely breathtaking, Princess, and You’ll be on my mind 24/7. πŸ™‚ I’m very happy we seem to have found some good chemistry! Have a good evening, and please let me know if You require any tasks/homework from me or anything else. (TN, Los Angeles)

You seemed to enjoy beating me up a lot. You’re still the only one who has been able to beat the smile off my face. (SK, San Francisco, Oct 2014)

Princess Marx is a beautiful, intelligent, personable woman who made an hour session feel like it was 5 minutes.  I have never met anyone like her in my 40 + years and I am sure I will never meet anyone like her again.  Don’t waste time, book a session with her and you will be smiling as much as me.  My face is starting to hurt. (A.A., Boston, Oct 2014)

10/16/14: I thought we really connected and i enjoyed talking to you and spending time with you. Overall our session was great- you are beautiful and dominant, and kept me in line. I loved being at your feet. (A, Boston)

10/16/14 Princess. Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you yesterday. It was a wonderful experience, the best I have had. I know you can push my limits to extreme levels and I can’t wait and anticipate to be allowed to serve you again. You are truly a class act!!!! (CL, Boston)

I’m still feeling blown away…blown away!  You did not just rent space in my head, you came in and took it over! Thank you again.

(5 days later): I am still feeling that the session was sensational, and I have frequent welcome and vivid flashbacks that come at the strangest moments.  All senses were engaged, expanded, reawakened, massaged, tweaked and thrilled!  As great and gorgeous a Domme as you are, you are an equally tremendous and beautiful soul. (MC, New York, Oct 2014)

8/7/14: My throat feels better now, thanks for asking.  It really hurt that night and it was hard to talk, but i did think of You as instructed.  You are a very powerful aggressive Dominant Woman and i respect You. (JB, Los Angeles)

7/9/14: Hi everyone, I want to start by saying that my experience with Princess Marx was an incredible one. I live in NYC. I was searching for the right Domme to fulfill my every desire and fetish, and boy did I find the right Domme. I was a bit nervous when I first scheduled the session with Her because She doesn’t show Her face in Her photos. Therefore when i first arrived to meet Her for our session, I was amazed on how beautiful and stunning of a beauty She is. I just wanted submit to Her that very instant, and I did so right away, on my knees. From that moment on I fell deep into sub space. I experienced CBT, ballbusting, bondage, face slapping, beatdowns, wrestling, spitting, and had more degrading things done to me that I loved. Make no mistake – She is a very pretty, attractive, strong woman, and could go from nice sadistic to strict when needed and one is out of line. Aside from being a Domme, She is a Princess and only likes sensual sessions involving foot worship. You should also know that She is a professional Domme, and will only grant requests with in the bdsm category. I have been a submissive for 10 years now and could honestly say Princess Marx is the best that I have seen. I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for being the perfect Domme that I had hoped for. If you want the best session of your life, don’t wait to schedule with Princess Marx. She is by far the best!

(J, New York)

7/8/14: Your feet are by far the sexiest, most beautiful, WELL TAKEN CARE OF feet I have ever had the opportunity of worshipping. Perfectly painted toenails, perfectly proportioned feet. Utterly amazing. The feeling of being restrained and not being able to move while You gagged me with Your perfect feet was the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced. Thank You for bringing my fantasies to life.

I now know who I belong to and who owns me. I hope to serve You more and more frequently and prove myself as a good slave. I know a good thing when I see it, and You are as good as gold. In my opinion You are at the top of the game of Dom world and I can’t wait until our next session. Thank You for allowing me to serve You.

(SH, Los Angeles)

In a golden reign

touched by the last rays of the sun,

a princess smiles,

the most beautiful princess.

She has sweetness in her eyes,

tenderness in her heart,

she is a breath of fresh air

in a boring world,

the light that guides me home

when i’m lost.

I can’t stop saying her name

(JMG, May 2014)


She is a precious dream,

a queen in a land of fire,

a light in an ocean of darkness.

She shines so bright

like millions of golden sparkles

covering the sky.

She is so beautiful

that when i think of her

time stands still.

I just close my eyes and dream.

She is my precious dream.

(JMG, May 2014)

You know you have made me think of Yugoslavia as the planet that Superman comes from. Except that it is the planet where superwomen come from πŸ™‚ (DD, Los Angeles, Dec 2013)

lightning strikes, left cheek

fierce angelic eyes hold me

first fiery caress

You know, with a properly constructed frame of reference, a first slap is not unlike a first kiss.  I never would have expected to have it come down during such a multi-layered articulate conversation.  I am keeping that memory – FOREVER!  Thank you! (SB, San Francisco, Nov 2013)

“Your sweetness is my weakness.” (CB, Los Angeles, July 2013)

Hi Princess Marx, it was great to get to know you and I am happy that I came in to see you. As I am writing this, the pain of the discipline I received has begun to subside, but your voice is still in my head. I am looking forward to being trained by you and submitting to you. I can serve in many capacities when you feel I have been adequately molded to your liking. (H, Los Angeles)

Hello Princess Marx, Once again I had a great time yesterday. I was definitely nervous in the beginning, but thanks for being understanding and making my first experience a great one. (M, Los Angeles)

Dear Princess, It was great meeting you last night! I really enjoyed our long intellectually stimulating conversation, especially while being toe-tally underneath your feet!…hehe. Thank you for the tips on getting more involved with the scene as well. I think it’s something that I should definitely look into and pursue. (SK, San Fran)

Dear Princess Marx, I’m impressed (once again), this time by your thoroughness (to go with the already recognized) thoughtfulness. (BR, Los Angeles)

Dear Princess, Thank You for a wonderful afternoon. I hope You will allow me the opportunity to serve You again. I will be tormented by thoughts of being Your cuckold πŸ™ (CB, Los Angeles)

Hi Princess Marx, I really enjoyed our session! Hopefully you’ll be back in Las Vegas and maybe we can explore some more foot fetish related stuff such as trampling and tickling, as well as continue on with the smothering and foot worship (and maybe include a second gal again). I hope that you had as much fun in Las Vegas as you did in Boston! (SM, Las Vegas)