Anonymous Cash Tribute

Use cash to purchase a Visa/MasterCard gift card at any grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store, etc.

  • you MUST load an additional 33.33% to the value of the gift card to compensate for the inconvenience caused to Me bydoing it this way. (E.g. For a $75 tribute, please add 33% of that as fee, which is $25, for a total of $100.)
  • The card MUST be a VISA/MasterCard giftcard.
  • The card must not have any monthly fees.
  • Please send Me pics of the front & back of the card itself (not merely the wrapper).
  • Giftcards can only be used for tributes under 200.

If you plan to buy a giftcard with cash, the very soonest W/we can session is 2-3 days from your initial contact. The speed with which you procure the giftcard will be the main factor in determining how soon W/we meet.

Why do cash giftcard tributes take longer?

It really all comes down to how quickly you procure the card.

Day 1: you reach out to Me about a session with your availability

Day 1-2: I reply with My availability

Day 2-4 (it’s on you): you make time to: 1) go to the store 2) purchase a gift card 3) send Me pics of the card.

Day 2-4: I receive pics & verify the card. I then begin making arrangements for O/our session. They take 24-48 hrs, and I won’t begin making them until I have your deposit in hand.

Day 3-5: W/we meet.